Artisanal Biscotti Cookies with dried fruits, almonds, ginger and turmeric (lactose free and fat free) 3 pieces

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Artisanal Biscotti Cookies with dried fruits, almonds, ginger and turmeric (lactose free and fat free) - 140g

Minnie's double baked biscotti cookies are lactose free and fat free. They contain almonds, eggs, flour, molasses, and for anti-oxidants we throw in ginger and turmeric. A generous mix of our dried fruits - as raisins, apples, pears, mango and dates - is added to the batter for that extra special taste. All dried fruits in the biscotti are dried with no preservatives, no added sugar, and no color or flavor enhancers of any kind

  • Note: These biscuits are made by hand. The package may contain 5 or 6 biscotti pieces, depending on how thick we cut them, and their total weight will be approximately 140gm

  • Ingredients: almonds, eggs, flour, molasses, ginger, turmeric, and 100% natural mix of dried fruits

  • shelf life: expiration date is 3 months from packaging date

  • approximate weight: 140g (5 or 6 pieces)

  • packaging: box or zip lock bag (subject to availability)

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Ways to enjoy? Minnie's Biscotti cookies with dried fruits are tasty and healthy snacks for kids and adults alike. They are an ideal addition to lunch boxes, road trips, at home or at the office, or while watching a movie. Eat them as a snack right out of the package; dip them or break them up and throw them into yogurt or ice cream. Minnie's Biscottis are ideal to savor with coffee, tea, to accompany your smoothies, or to break your fast during Ramadan. If you will share them, then serve them as a unique dessert or appetizer to your guests, that is if you will share them.

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